Want To Start a Business

We are specialized in assisting foreign entrepreneurs to start business in Turkey. We guide you about local regulations for incorporating companies. All the above documents are compulsory to be approved by Turkish consulate.

Types Of

Joint stock company

Joint stock company

commonly used by investors interested in putting up large operations in Turkey
company white

Limited liability company

Limited liability company

The limited liability company, which can be private or public, however, the personal kind is commonly employed by means of overseas enterprisers

Company incorporation steps in

Following are the steps when registering a company in Turkey.

Select a business

Requirements of the company law in Turkey
reserve trade name

Reserve a trade name

the name must be unique and can be verified prior to reservation

Certificate of Registration

Documents which need to be filed with the Turkish Trade.

Company bank account

Share capital deposit prior to registration

Filing the documents

Tax identification number and the VAT number and registering for employment

Tax registration for companies in Turkey

This step is very important because it will allow the company to account for all its commercial transactions.

Update and follow up regarding

We follow the obligations which are required to be fulfilled due to the Turkish legislation on behalf of you and fulfill these obligations on time and in the only way. Our team member update you complete detail of legal process and update you any changes happen in regulations.

Accounting services for Foreigner Investor

We offer high quality accounting and certification services to our international clients.

  • Book-keeping Accounting Turkish GAAP (Record of financial transaction)
  • Tax Services
  • Management Reporting Services
  • Audit of Accounts